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The Dada Meme Project

The Dada Meme Project was a creative product made as part of my exam in Digital Culture, 2017, as part of my MA in Digital Design. My exam explored “Internet Memes As a Resurgence Of Dadaism”, and this project was to further explore, but especially build on the relation between internet memes and dada. You explore this relation by updating the page, thus randomly shuffling the memes and dada art pieces portrayed below.

George Grosz, The Pillars of Society, 1926
Hanna Hoch, Bouquet Of Eyes, 1930
Hugo Ball, Karawane, 1916
Jean Art, Rectangles Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, 1917
Johannes theodor Baargeld, Typical Vertical Misrepresentation as a Depiction of the Dada Baargeld, 1920
Man Ray, Cadeau, 1921
Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917
Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q., 1919
Raul Hausman, The Art Critic, 1919
Raul Hausmann, The Spirit Of Our Time, 1920